Sunday, December 6, 2009


I know it's been a while since i last posted sumfin on Tatafo Resource . . . **at least blame that on the daily stress and rapid change of my environment lol . . . blogging was more or less becoming a habit and at some point i had to drop that convention in other to focus on other stuffs . . after all, it's just me experimenting, mining and exploring different areas in search of that particular 'thing' that satisfies my inner intentions.

Anyways, quite a number of stories made the headlines in the past one/two month(s). . . from J-Lo's AMA fall (hehehe . . careful!)
to the world cup draws (Naija is in trouble . . . + Group G officially the group of death) and other stuffs i just don't feel like writing about for no reason at all *grins* but hey, most recently is the Big Brother Africa 4 Evolution Winner (Multi Millionaire Kevin). Come to think of it . . . $202,700.00 is nothing close to small oooooo. . . .that's approximately 30,810,400 Naira which is enough to get me the Chairmanship position in my local govt. come 2011 lol .

As much as i am proud of Kevin the Jostified fellow, i still wish i had that kinda sum to blow like a running nose *quoting Loso* . . but never the less, i just wrote a list of what I'll prob'ly do with $200,000 pending if/when i get it cashed.

**7 million naira for Autos . . . not too much though but enough to get me a 2009 Toyota Camry XLE with an Infinity Fx 45 *winks*

**10 million naira for stocks and shares . . . money trading . . not a bad idea

**Another 10 million would prob'ly erect a small comfortable house with classy finishes.

** The other 3 million naira is strictly for miscellaneous expenses . . . including gurls, parties, travelling .. . .. you know . . .that money to blow thingy like cash money milli

uhmmmmm. . . let me see how much i have got left? . . . Shit! . nufin. . Dayummm! . . money no longer holds it's value in Naija oooo . . Imagine, i just spent 30 Million like that even before getting it. May God help us lol. Well, i think I'm done with mine . . . so kindly let me how you're gonna spend yours . . remember. . 30 MILLION NAIRA !

Happy Yuletide!
Tatafo Resource.
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