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After dropping 'THA INFECTION' album containing more than 4 hits (including 1000 Naira) which gave him a couple of awards, nominations and his superb performance at the Zain Advance Warning alongside other top Nigerian artists, the foremost ever repping B-Side rapper is back with 2 party hits (Amaju & Selense) from his forth coming album. Infact, i think I'm beginning to sound too formal lol what are you waiting for . . . or you want to finish reading this before playing the below track? Aiight I'm through, oya press play! . . like I'll always say, drop a comment (don't be too greedy to 'share' your thoughts or opinions)

Brand New Single from Cyrus Tha Virus 'Amaju'.


P Square's "Wahala dey" from the Danger album.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Being indisputably the most popular group in Africa and IMO the most consistent in Nigeria when it comes to making hits, the Okoyes are back with a new album titled 'Danger' which contains up to about 10 tracks and this time, they get to ft Tuface and Jay Martins. I still very much wonder why not even a single is currently on air but we sure should be expecting something overwhelming this time from the duo of Peter and Paul.

The last quarter of this year is sure gon' be a huge clash of the titans with Kel's album already out, modenine working on his album, Banky W's album, MI2 by M.I., Psquare's Danger. . . *sighs* what else can i say! "I nor fit shout jor" lmao


Nollywood for sure is still African's largest film industry in terms of quality/amount of films produced per month and the second largest in the world after Bollywood (beating Hollywood in the number of films produced annually) but the truth is most of the approximately 200 movies produced every month in Nigeria, makes very little or no sense. Personally, i would want to think the directors, producers as well as a few others are to be held responsible for the static growth of the film industry for limiting their production creativity and being quantity minded (not quality).

For crying out loud, how can you make a full length movie in just one week and expect to get the best? Our supposed movie stars are like the everyday TV presenter because you get to see them on your screen doing the same 'act' every time thereby reducing their esteem. Sometimes, one begins to wonder if there was ever a script for a particular movie due to the huge blunders which should have been corrected by the director/script writer or even the actors.

Take for example the sudden upswing of the music/entertainment industry (comedy inclusive), which was way below par back then even when compared to the movie industry. It experienced a huge revolution that made positive impacts and brought about the current high standard unlike Nollywood whereby the production team are no where close to being resourceful and still thinks inside "the old box". Why is it a normal issue to find up to 5 different movies with the same storyline . . the only differential aspect is the title and casts (please can someone tell me the duty of a movie board and copyright laws).

The most relevant movies in Nigeria presently are those made by the Yorubas (for the Yorubas), **less mistakes and the uniqueness of the message being passed across**. Just as much as i wouldn't want to assume but on a more crucial note i think the Ibos are the cause of the existing predicament of the industry which is mainly due to their lack of innovation (sticking to the old trends) and compromising standards just to get paid on time.

It's not as if i am hating or playing the role of a critic but don't we think it will be much better if the film makers try as much as possible to be more creative, more determined technically and should be able to explore other better options in other to yield an enhanced result?


1. Every problem you have is spiritual.

2. Nearly anyone who gets hit by a car dies immediately after a very amateur and annoying reckless driving scene.

3. A movie can be titled anything no matter how dumb it may sound; Spanner, Face me I face you, Beyonce and Rihanna, The President must die, Last World cup, You can't kill me (lmao).

4. An Ibo movie has been made if: A fleet of cars is shown off at regular intervals for a total of half of the movie time, Kanayo 'O' Kanayo is in the movie,To get rich it is mandatory you join a cult.

5. In a case where a person is on his death bed, he/she must cough till they die.

6. One of a pair of twins (identical or not) is born evil.

7. Also The soundtrack gives you a big headache because it just narrates the whole story repeatedly (so much for suspense and intrigue!) lwkmd

8. When you are shot in the chest, it really doesn't matter; your head will be bandaged! Same for your legs! RFLMAO!

9. With a pastor all things are possible.

10. Watch out for part 2! lol


Just few months after the release of his debut album 'Talk About It' and the 'Illegal Music Mixtape', Jude Abaga aka MI (short black boy) is back in the studio working on his forth coming album which he intends to call MI2. Judo is without doubts the most successful and appealing Nigerian rapper with his lyrical prowess, album sales (30,000copies in 30minutes..Jeez!), world wide performances and awards. Talking of awards . . after winning 2 awards at this year's Hip Hop World Awards (Best new artist and best rap album), he has been nominated for the upcoming MTV AFRICA MUSIC AWARDS (Best New Act & Best Hip Hop) which is scheduled to be held in Nairobi Kenya on the 10th of October. Other MAMA nominees includes; Bigiano, Tuface, P-Square, Darey Art Alade, D-Banj and Kel.

Also learnt M.I. is planning to take the CEO position in his record label(Chocolate City). If true, then where will this leave Audu Maikori who is the supposed founder (M.I's Don Jazzy). Keep riping mics Jude and stay out of trouble lol wishing you the very best.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Got this link from a friend's facebook status and really felt like sharing it. "Girl 18, beheaded for rituals by boyfriend" now this is really bizarre . . I was beginning to think this whole idea of using human parts for money rituals is rapidly moving towards the direction of complete extinction until this story refreshed my memory!. . . . . . Read More and please drop your comment!

"The young man holding the head, Emeka Uwakwe, is the boy friend of this girl and he came all the way from Lagos and lured her to his house in the village. He murdered the girl, cut off her head for ritual purpose and dumped the headless body in a bush. Apparently, the girl had told her parents that she was going to visit her maternal uncle in another village.

Her parents made a call to her and the call was not pulling through up till the next morning and by Monday when it was obvious that she was not coming back, they made a report to the police that their daughter was missing. It was after they made the report to the police that some vigilante people on the same date, came around and said they saw a headless body in the bush. The police invited the girl’s parents and they identified the headless body to be that of their daughter."



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