Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Hi ya’ll, I recently had a little convo with the Elegant, stunning, ever dazzling model and designer Sarah Ofili so I tried to make it official by using the opportunity to chip in a few questions. At first I was a bit cynical if she would grant my request but on the contrary, she turned out to be the nicest person I’ve ever bumped into. This was how the conversation went down;

Welcome to Tatafo Resource (TR) and it's such a great pleasure having you as the very first guest

Thank you, U're welcome.

Let’s get this out of the way, U are of mixed nationality, Nigerian and Hungarian. I'm I right?

Got that right (laughin). My Father, may his soul rest in peace, is from Asaba, Delta State. And my Mum is Hungarian.
I grew up in Nigeria, Warri actually, well not the centre of "waffi" lol. My dad worked in Delta Steel Company (D.S.C), so we lived in the company's estate, which also had our nursery and primary school, so u can imagine!

I read you studied in France, or you spoke French, how did that come about?

Yea, I speak just a little though, nothing major. After my sec. school in Nigeria, I went to an all girls boarding school in Benue State... yea I don't know what my folks were thinking, probably keeping me away from the preying eyes of guys, Lol. Anyway, immediately I was done with dat, I left to Badagry French village to study French, in preparation for my admission into a university in France, But before my admission came I was impatient and got into Uni.Jos to start off my course in Psychology, unfortunately 3months after I left for France. I got into the University Of Montpellier, to continue psychology, and then I packed my bags to London to pursue my dream in Fashion. Lol.

Interesting. . . So when did you start modeling and what was the very first step you took?

Modeling was something I bumped into, although it was my dream but at that time it was just a dream. I didn't go out searching for it, I came across a competition for a new modeling agency and photography studio, I entered for fun and viola ! the rest is history.

What are the major challenges you get to encounter

I encounter challenges every day, I am not your stereotypical tall skinny model. I don't have the "African look" neither do I have the "European look" so am always gonna be compared to the girls like that, and many times they don't know how to work with me. I have lost many jobs, that at a point I stopped going for castings. These last 2yrs I've just focused on working on my shoe brand and not so much modeling.

Oh! . . how have you been able to proportionately blend together being a super-model, psychologist, designer and a cosmetologist?

I don't really use the word "cosmetologist", but yes I am a certified beautician from the London School of Beauty And Make-Up. I love dabbling with the art of make-up, its such an artistic power to change the look of a person, like working on a blank canvas. Unfortunately, like psychology I put it aside, I got bored and updating your makeup kit isn't small money, trust me ! but it'll always be my side hobby.

Like I said, right now I’m just focusing on being a designer, developing my skills and expanding my creativity. All the other things I've put aside, in fact they don’t exist to me, it’s just a certificate nothing more, maybe a fall back plan, lol. This yr I was fortunate to get into the London College Of Fashion, to study Footwear and Accessory branding, to get more experience and knowledge in starting my own brand.

Tell me a little bit about your forthcoming brand 'Katona'?

Katona, Itself is my brand name that will hold many other ventures that will come after my first primary goal, which is the Lady's Footwear. I describe my designs/creations as "Fantasy Shoes" coz they are very glamourous, colourful, over the top, affordable high fashion platforms. I believe shoes should be attractive and sexy and appealing to the eyes. A bold statement shoe can change the whole look of an outfit, plus a shoe can make a woman feel a million bucks. shoe lovers knw wat I mean ;) winking... lol.

Ok, why the name Katona, why not Sarahs? lol

Nahhhh not Sarah's... hehehe.
Katona is my mother's maiden name, so it’s my Hungarian heritage. I named it after my mother coz all my creative ability and expressions came from her, my mum helped me with many of my art assignments as a child. I was fascinated by her ability to do it all, she even designed and sewed many of my outfits coz I wanted wat i saw in the magazines but there weren't styles like dat for kids so she'll be forced to sew them, lol, my poor mum, she had her hands full coz we are 3 girls. I cant begin to go into all she can do, artistically. I've answered my father’s name my whole life and one day another man's, so its only fair to dedicate something to my mum, after all she's the inspiration.

*Smiles* Being a public figure, how have you been able to 'cope' with the media, fans and haters lol

Wow! first of all, I don't really see myself as a "public figure", and am not trying to sound humble, but I'm a very private person, I just go about my daily stuff etc... I do appreciate the interest and likes in me but it doesn't affect me in anyway. I have read a couple of things written about me but I don't let it get to me, I just laugh and move on, after all I can’t explain myself to everyone, Lol... besides most of it is naija stuff, and I don't live in Nigeria, so it doesn't affect me at all !
I believe everyone should live their lives the best way they can and enjoy every min of it coz we've got only one life, do wat makes u happy, as long as it doesn't hurt someone else.

Your role models

To be honest, I don’t really have "role models". Especially in the kind of industry I'm in, I get inspired everyday by different people. I can’t begin to list, coz it'll be endless! Instead of looking up to someone as a role model, I look at myself and think of how I want to be seen, and the kind of person I am and how I want to be as I get older, and progress in life. No one is perfect after all!

In no particular order, please list your top 5 Nigerian Artists

Hmmm... this is hard, I love music a lot but I don't really have favs, maybe I'll just name naija songs am feeling right now, and u figure it out, okay...
I recently came across some dude called "Anogiri", hope I spelt it well, his song oyibo is a catch, love it! plus his dance moves are funny,lol.
Also, recently someone played an old school Igbo remake by Flavour ft Mc Loph "Osendi Owendi", think they're cool, in fact other songs by Flavour is very funny n refreshing, high time Igbo dudes took center stage, no offence to anyone !
Also, Sound Sultan, and of course Ikechukwu.

Foreign artists
Kanye West, Mariah Carey, Beyonce, Melanie Fiona, Keysha Cole, M. J and many more these are just from the top of my head now.

Most memorable moment?

Most memorable moment, Seeing the first samples of my shoe designs made, it was overwhelming.

Hmmm . . . . I can imagine the feeling lol so where do you see yourself in the next 10yrs?

10 yrs is a long time from now dear, I take each day at a time. What i can say though is, Katona will be more than just a shoe brand, and it’ll be an empire! ;D winks

Any parting words for Tatafo Resource?

Don't believe all u read and hear, it might just be another 'tatafo" hahaha, lol. just kiddin... Do something u enjoy doing and have true passion for, it'll bring more than success but happiness and satisfaction. Cheers!

It’s been a pleasure chatting with you, I enjoyed every bit of this. Wishing you the very best and a triple more success in your endeavours especially the impending Katona. Thanks for the time.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Hello peeps, I think i should start by apologizing for the long silence/dormancy on Tatafo Resource. I've been around though but didn't just feel like posting any stale news or a no news . . but right now, the drought is over and I'm fully back in business . . meaning your favourite TR is back with so much freshness. Currently, I'm working on some spanking new stories but before i post any I'd want to share with you 2 verses off my Kini Big Deal Freestyle (Just wrote 'em) to keep y'all occupied on the site. It's fucking Exclusive . . read and drop a fucking comment, try to fucking copy the rhymes and I'll get your fucking ass sued in a fucking law fucking court lmao! Na joke i is lol . . . "chatview" with Sarah Ofili coming up shortly, don't be left out . . Subscribe now and follow me on twitter


A Playa's Version {Male}

Kini big deal, I'm a big cheat
n' to ma fellow playas yeah u know how this feels
they don't know me, still they chose me
if only they knew me they will never follow me
I'm not a heart breaker, I'm just a heart quaker
figured out how the money could lead me to her pants quicker
yes i count figures, i mean I'm pounds richer
they call me 'cash giver', bet u won't wanna miss this chance will-ya?
check out my new Bretling and a new Bentley
it's my best friend's ride but you couldn't sense it
style so impressive. . . my swag is so interesting
straight to ma crib i promise to teach you a lesson
we could do a play. . guessing, while i watch you undressing
then later switch roles and we'll have you undress me
girl we start sexing then we start sweating
soon as that is over, 'leaving you' will be the next scene

A Control's Version {Female}

Kini big deal, I'm a big chick
my mouth greased wit lipstick as i sample my G-string
i'm not a ho(e) 'bitch but i gold dig
nd if his pocket is 'well' then r 'ma have to go deep
i roc o' fellas so i'm getting mo' cheddars
and if u ain't got much i swear I'm gone fella
i mean I'm done fella. . this aka gum fella
he couldn't make it rain so i could get an umbrella
the ass is ever ready . . but sure you won't get it
except i get enough bucks or a new Mercedez
now who u think u testing . .. hey boi do not stress me
ma blood is so hot i could even do a wrestling
money makes ends-meet, u got it? Well lets meet
i didn't sneeze but all i want is for you to bless me
mayne don't be senseless, i love Sheraton settings
So if there's a presidential party, i'll be first on the guest list

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