Thursday, July 28, 2011


I'm Doctor Odey, July 23rd 3011
Nigeria's first case of psychosomaticbipolarschizophrenic ...*scratch*
So who am i speaking to now? .. .BRAIN!
Your file says you took the life of another beat
someone made you do it? YEAH, IT'S DON JAZZY AGAIN!
These strange voices that you say you hear, what do they say?
What do they tell you . . can you tell me?

They like Where you gon' be when the shadow comes.
On the path of the damned or the narrow one.
Double barrel guns..arrows hunt..
Pharaoh's son..
..making him pay for every chick he made swallow cum.
Oil rig in a shallow pond.
Story of my life..
..i hope my depth brings glory overnight..
..should i wait until my death brings glory overnight?
Let a homie hold my mic and watch him pay for my sins.
another 1?man,i thought i paid for em' since.
D righteous inner me should walk away from dis skin.. another place and begin..
..a nice life of a holy dude..
..Or linger in d bright light let em notice you.

Dont let em notice you
Dont let em notice you
Ghosts of d past walk past.dont let em know it's you
They try to cover up the fact but you know it's true
Riches will make your own brother put a hole in you

Fellas is all around gimmicks.
My profound lyrics
..Win the game before it even starts so they now rig it.
Screaming at the ref "when you see a foul give it."
Dont let em' hurt a nigga sick from outta town with it.
Datz a basketball reference.
The Lord d referee..recorded destiny?is what I'm asking all reverends.
Is my future engraved in stone.. ancient slaves with known..
..powers who know if i'll go to hades. no..
..way these..
..crazy..hell hounds gonna make me...bring the rabies home.
Waitin for when they gon' say he's blown.
They gon' say he bore a child called ego.nw his baby's grown.
Many decades on the search..
..for the chosen.
Found in a wreckage in d earth.he was frozen..
..,,bound and the necklace round his neck was a token.. a celestial gift..
..from an extra terrestrial lesbian chick.
Who could snipe with a cannon so most def she a mix..of wesley and nick.
Datz twice a man.guess we cud wish..
..for someone to get to her quick..
..with an oestrogen fix..
..for the breasts and the hips.
I guess..
..i left..
..U tryna digest.. unident..
..i digress.
In the dark searching for fire flies..
..your entire lives.
sell your soul at the higher price..
..of a brighter light..
..but the buyer lies..
..You die and life.. a memory..
..then you be..
..trapped in HELLO without the O.
Fell slow..
..begging but HELL bout to GO.
Askin for a chance to tell those..who doubt the whole..story
(what story)
Fell in wax/hotter than a trip to hell n back/or facing heaven's
wrath/but tell em' dat/i returned well intact.

Who am i speaking to now?. . .BOOGEY!

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