Tuesday, April 27, 2010



Hey people, this is to officially inform y'all that the YES INDUSTRY PARTY to be held in the UK is just around the corner (30th of April to be exact). With the likes of G-Xploits, Jam Jam, Steel, Dj Sose and the heavy 'weighed' Iceberg Slim performing live @ Club Flex. . . I'm certain it's gon' be a BLAST! like that sound city's magazine :). Other side attractions includes; Red Carpet, Autograph Session, TV interviews, a fully pimped out V.I.P section(I like this lol) e.t.c.

It's just £10 and £20 for standard and V.I.P ticket respectively (shicken shange *in a warri accent*). Please do call the 24hrs ticket hotlines for more/general info; 07946811253 & 07932424175.


I hear 'em say "there ain't no party like a YES party", intelligent piece. . here's the opportunity to come experience it.
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