Sunday, October 4, 2009


Hello peeps, I think i should start by apologizing for the long silence/dormancy on Tatafo Resource. I've been around though but didn't just feel like posting any stale news or a no news . . but right now, the drought is over and I'm fully back in business . . meaning your favourite TR is back with so much freshness. Currently, I'm working on some spanking new stories but before i post any I'd want to share with you 2 verses off my Kini Big Deal Freestyle (Just wrote 'em) to keep y'all occupied on the site. It's fucking Exclusive . . read and drop a fucking comment, try to fucking copy the rhymes and I'll get your fucking ass sued in a fucking law fucking court lmao! Na joke i is lol . . . "chatview" with Sarah Ofili coming up shortly, don't be left out . . Subscribe now and follow me on twitter


A Playa's Version {Male}

Kini big deal, I'm a big cheat
n' to ma fellow playas yeah u know how this feels
they don't know me, still they chose me
if only they knew me they will never follow me
I'm not a heart breaker, I'm just a heart quaker
figured out how the money could lead me to her pants quicker
yes i count figures, i mean I'm pounds richer
they call me 'cash giver', bet u won't wanna miss this chance will-ya?
check out my new Bretling and a new Bentley
it's my best friend's ride but you couldn't sense it
style so impressive. . . my swag is so interesting
straight to ma crib i promise to teach you a lesson
we could do a play. . guessing, while i watch you undressing
then later switch roles and we'll have you undress me
girl we start sexing then we start sweating
soon as that is over, 'leaving you' will be the next scene

A Control's Version {Female}

Kini big deal, I'm a big chick
my mouth greased wit lipstick as i sample my G-string
i'm not a ho(e) 'bitch but i gold dig
nd if his pocket is 'well' then r 'ma have to go deep
i roc o' fellas so i'm getting mo' cheddars
and if u ain't got much i swear I'm gone fella
i mean I'm done fella. . this aka gum fella
he couldn't make it rain so i could get an umbrella
the ass is ever ready . . but sure you won't get it
except i get enough bucks or a new Mercedez
now who u think u testing . .. hey boi do not stress me
ma blood is so hot i could even do a wrestling
money makes ends-meet, u got it? Well lets meet
i didn't sneeze but all i want is for you to bless me
mayne don't be senseless, i love Sheraton settings
So if there's a presidential party, i'll be first on the guest list


  1. What a bitch she is lwkmd good job man

  2. D chick's flow was tight...So u culdnt buy a cheap car, then u have 2 borow. Eya

  3. mailmac. . .you got game padi! lol. . .lurv this mahn


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