Monday, February 22, 2010


I go way back childhood when the street means war/
the beef is raw/ p'ple gyrating, u could hear d victory songs/
. . confraternities kill wit swords/

and you could get
sentenced just for spilling words/
in the memory of the living, the dead still lives on/
yet we only stare out windows cos we chilled in-doors/

lads on those ships, tryin to get 'em hustle quick/
young gurls on road trips tryin to get on porno flicks/

the fun never
stops even wen the school starts/
break time our play time till it's noon past/
too young to
move cars/ so all we did was push tyres. . ./
loosed wires, the dull brains still won't spark/

Damn! kids were good with numbers yet not moving figures/
'ten ten' and countin fingers, wat they do at leisure's/

we play
hide and seek! toy guns made out of sticks/
paper hats, rubber glasses. . Jeez! we let our fashion speak/
crime was a scene/ but as kids we got the upper hand/
cos the police won't even give a sh!!!t if we shoot with robber bands (rubber bands) /

I'm from the city of the greatest/. .. . home to the majors/
they say Benin we'r ancient/look what history made us/
jumping okadas. . . . . . ring road stays crowded like Lagos/
peeps hustle legal circles, real hustlers go off the radius/

if u meet your houses down . . wait! don't raise my alarms/
cos the town's task force are quick to
'come raid' like Adams!/ (comrade)

Churches in all
7 corners, Hexagon! . . like we worship in clubs/
Man, u must be a fan like you are watching football/
the streets are appalling, who says we don't give a fuck!/
8 years we depended on Lucky til we ran out of luck. . an unlucky result/ (it wasn't his fault) :D

no longer news, kidnapping was on the headlines/
the niccurs are
lions, got peeps fleeing for their deer lives/

caught in the fast life so all we do is move fast/
dudes in love with liquors, everyday we 'smooch bars'/

this is how we do. . highly rated!
B-Syde state of mind/
100% i paid my dues
yet my church mind screams '10% pay your tithe'/

© Feb 2010. . . . . please don't bite lol


  1. Great post, I guess you're from there? Nice poem.

  2. @Thanks Myne nd yeah i am
    @Anonymous, thanks A, thanks lol

  3. Nice one man,you need to present this to your Governor oshiomole or do a song for your town abii,you already know what the deal is

  4. Respect bruv! nd uhmmm i'm workin on sumfin though. . wld def. keep u posted.


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