Tuesday, August 25, 2009



Let me start by saying thank you for stopping by to probably review a post or two, TATAFO RESOURCE! is an online source for randomly posted articles, stories, gossips or information as the case may be.

Can't believe i spent over 72hrs flipping through different available templates just to get a suitable one with a very visible text style. It was almost getting boring and time consuming that i had to include feeds from the most interesting soccer league in the world right at the bottom of the page for rough updates since i figured out I'll definitely be spending more time blogging than watching TV.

Some of the stuffs i post and will be posting here may be recycled from somewhere else (who really cares cos i don't or do you?) but still it sure is going to be more of a 'ME' thingy than others so i guess I'm very much on track. You can as well leave a comment after reading through a post (don't be too greedy to 'share' your thoughts and opinions) and also do let me know If you find any of the posts dreary or very uninteresting with the right reasons so i can Del it.

Okies p'ple, way to go! you are all welcome on blog or board (wat eva) as we shall be cruising on a high altitude- Destination unknown- fasten your seat belt and enjoy the rest of 'our' journey. GRACIAS!


  1. nice!! thumbs up...kip it cumin..waitin 4 more interesting articles...wld like more of music nd celebs! big ups!!..(smiles)

  2. i I like...more on the latest music in naija would be much appreciated...peace out


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