Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Got this link from a friend's facebook status and really felt like sharing it. "Girl 18, beheaded for rituals by boyfriend" now this is really bizarre . . I was beginning to think this whole idea of using human parts for money rituals is rapidly moving towards the direction of complete extinction until this story refreshed my memory!. . . . . . Read More and please drop your comment!

"The young man holding the head, Emeka Uwakwe, is the boy friend of this girl and he came all the way from Lagos and lured her to his house in the village. He murdered the girl, cut off her head for ritual purpose and dumped the headless body in a bush. Apparently, the girl had told her parents that she was going to visit her maternal uncle in another village.

Her parents made a call to her and the call was not pulling through up till the next morning and by Monday when it was obvious that she was not coming back, they made a report to the police that their daughter was missing. It was after they made the report to the police that some vigilante people on the same date, came around and said they saw a headless body in the bush. The police invited the girl’s parents and they identified the headless body to be that of their daughter."


  1. whoa! scary...nw i'm scared of boys oo..lol,bt serzly God ve mercy on us oo..didnt noe things like dis still happen...(sighs)..

  2. What the freak!! Na wa oo. Can't believe this sort of backwardness in this age and time.


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