Friday, September 18, 2009


Woke up this morning feeling so tired that i had to spend a couple of minutes consciously lying on my bed. I chilled for about 30mins and was busy listening to some newly shuffled mixtapes on my laptop (Modenine's-09-09-09, AfricanHipHop-The Sequel 09. . . ) Then I heard a ‘freestyle’ that kinda drew my attention. This particular track was from Bigg Splash’s Mixtape; EDO STATE HIP HOP LOVERS VOL. 1

I remember attending the album/mixtape launch in Benin some few months back with a good number of attendees including C-Flo, Cyrus Tha Virus, Osho Alpacino, Anec Dote and a few other artists. From the freestyle session to the album listening to other scheduled activities and it was right there I got a copy of the Mixtape (don’t ask if I bought it lol). Anyways, I noticed nearly all the tracks are ‘radio friendly’ and especially with the inclusion of the club hit ‘Amaka Why’ the mixtape is well balanced.

Enough said, below are two tracks off Gruv Enuff CEO, Bigg Splash (Otas Bazuaye)’s mixtape + Click here for free download

Track 04 'Freestyle'.

Track 09. (Volume 1 Mix)

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