Thursday, September 17, 2009


The buzz is still on about Kanye's act at the Mtv video music awards, a lot of mixed reactions and hating already, sh!t names, racism, bleh! . . . but IMO, Kanye was a hundred % correct but somehow he just missed the timing. . . i mean he completely ruined a 19yrs old (Taylor Swift) supposed to be magic moments but really, "How come Beyonce's video was good enough to be Best Video of the year and apparently not good enough to be Best Female Video?".

Anyways, he is still a great producer, classy rapper with a very stylish delivery, i am not tryng to justify or either condemn his act but he should f_king stop crashing awards by whining on someone Else's behalf, it's so not cool for a star of his panache. I guess we forgive 'dude' and blame it on the Henny.

Go Kanye! No Kanye ! ! . . . . A whole Kanye ! ! !

Kanye West unabashedly drinking a bottle of Hennessy on the red carpet while girlfriend Amber Rose posed for photos - is this the cause of his outburst at the VMAs?


  1. No mata wat i still f**kin luv dis guy

  2. lol dis dude is too old 4 dis pr stunt shyt

  3. we know hez too old4 dis shit,but hez still d man...shark na bastard


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